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About Ronald

I am a very passionate wildlife and nature photographer from the Netherlands. Most of my subjects are amphibians and reptiles, but mammals are also one of my favorite subjects. Landscapes, birds and arthropods are occasional subjects.

My passion for photography started when I was on the University of Professional Education. I was studying to become a biology teacher. During my study I did some great field trips. After I came back from a study trip to Costa Rica in 2008 I decided to buy a new camera. This trip was unforgettable experience. After seeing all the great photographs of my friends I really wanted to create my own photographs. My compact camera was broken, so I had a good excuse to buy a DSLR.

From 2008 to 2011 I was still finding out what I liked most to photograph. I loved photography in general. In 2011 I decided that wildlife photography (the original reason I started photography) is my real passion. From 2011 I started making trips to photograph beautiful wild animals. 
2011 was also the year that I started working as a biology teacher. 2011 was an important year for me as a photographer. With educating and photographing as my passions my goal was to combine both.

In 2012 my passion for ‘fieldherping’ started to grow. A trip to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro on the Balkan Peninsula was a definitive kickoff for that passion.

2014 was also an important photographical year for me. I finally had the time and money to go out and travel more. I never made so many photos in one year. Besides the quality of my photos made a big leap forward.

Honest, ethical, and educational wildlife photography is what I try to do. The well being of the animal is always more important than a photo. Activating people to conserve the environment is my mission. 
I will always be honest about my photographs. The photos are supplied with location data, but not too specified for conservation purposes. You can always ask if my photo was in situ or ex situ. I will always answer. All the animals on my photos are wild animals, and when they are not I will mention it.

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