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2017 in review: My best photos

2017 had been a great photographical year! Doing trips to Sri Lanka and Ecuador in one year is something unique for me. As dessert I went to Sicily (Italy) in October (ice-cream involved).
I made some of my favorite photos in 2017. I think I have improved my night photography skills a lot. In 2017 I made fewer photos during a trip, but ending up with more good photos. Being more selective gives me more time to make something of a photo, and I have more time to enjoy the surroundings. 

For 2018 I have a trip to Suriname planned already. I new opportunity to enjoy the rainforest and its treasures. 
My photographical goal for 2018 is to use my wide-angle lens more often for wildlife. Only one wide-angle photo made it to the final selection of 2017.  Room for improvement! 

The photos

Here is my final selection of 2017 with my best photos of this year. The photos are ordered chronologically.
I selected my photos based on popularity on Facebook and Instagram, and my personal preference.
Let me know which one is your favorite.






























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