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Tour to Morocco 2013 (Tarifa)

Part three of the trip was Tarifa (Spain). The boat to Morocco departs here, but there was more to see. We went on a ‘Orca trip’ for ‘only’ €45 p.p. with a succes rate of 98% that you will see orcas. If you don’t see at least one orca you can get a free ticket for a second boat trip. After a long and fast lecture about whales we were almost too late at the boat.
Too bad for us the orcas hadn’t been seen for a few days and they didn’t show up that day. We still had a great boat trip with a lot of birds, moonfish, puke and in the end pilot whales and bottle nosed dolphins.
After the boat trip we got our tickets for a second trip. To be continued.

In the evening we went to another place near Tarifa for a short walk.

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