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Tour to Morocco 2013 (Tarifa II)

In one of my previous updates we went on a boat trip for ‘orcas’ (killer whale), for ‘only’ €45 p.p. with a succes rate of 98% that you will see orcas. If you don’t see at least one Killer whale you can get a free ticket for a second boat trip.

We won two days on our schedule because we saw the Marsh Owl sooner than expected in Merja Zerga, and we drove from Boumalne Dades back to Merja Zerga in one day. We have used one day for a second boat trip in Tarifa.

We had already heard that they spotted killer whales the day before, so the chance of spotting them was higher. As you can see on the photos we were lucky this time. The sea was a bit more rough than the last time. That made it harder to make photos. I caught some waves and I was soaking wet. My camera survived the trip with some killer whale photos.

The killer whales (type 1 Eastern North Atlantic) are residents of the Strait of Gibraltar. The latin name is Orcinus orca. You can see them during summer ‘stealing’ Atlantic bluefin tuna from fishnets.

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