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Tour to Morocco 2013 (Andújar)

Our next destination in Spain was Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar. Our main target was to see the Iberian lynx. A very hard one. We only had two days and it was summer (do the math). The second morning we decided to split to double our chances. Sander and I on the first lookout and Bart, Dieuwertje and Jasper next to the dam. Dieuwertje drove back fast to pick us up, because they had seen one on the road. The next ours we walked in the ‘dam area’ but with no luck. After a while Jasper came back with a smile as big as his camera. He came extremely close to two lynxes. His photos are awesome. He was extremely lucky and has an eye for spotting difficult animals. After the group was complete we went to the place. They were still there but further away. My photos are not as good as his but it is already more than I had expected. To see the Iberian lynx was already a great experience!
Besides the Iberian lynx we also saw other cool things like the Iberian Wall Lizard, Weasel, and Red deer.

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